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Zorrel Apparel – Free Tee Shirt

Do you remeber the first time you wore a Columbia Jacket… Uggs Shoes… Croc’s… or Patagonia winter gear.  I got the exact same feeling when I started wearing Zorrel tee shirts.  Their long sleeve tee in particular is nicer than any other I’ve owned.  All of the stitching is very elegant, yet durable.  I have worn mine to work out in the yard and I’ve worn it under a sport coat.  Definitely one of the most versatile shirts I own.


Another benefit of this line is the color selection.  They also offer 19 colors and get this… pricing on colors is the same as whites.  They are so proud of their colors that they are a part of their logo.


As far as pricing goes,  I just placed an order for 100 short sleeve tees with a 2 color log on one position.  They priced out at $7.75 each.  If I would have done a standard Gildan or Hanes piece, they would have priced out at $5.25 each.  Hey… wait a minute, that’s $2.00 difference!!!  Why would I pay $2 more for this shirt?  Here is my answer.

  1. The quality is outstanding.  The Zorrel piece has a higher perceived value.

  2. While many shirts come in different colors, these are not your standard basic colors.

  3. Would you prefer the recipient wear your shirt 4-6 times or 100 times?

Combine this item with creative packaging; create a unique hang tag, pay extra for outstanding artwork and you will have a piece of art instead of just a tee shirt.


By the looks of their website and advertisements, they likely have a nice marketing budget as well.  I’m not really sure what some of these graphics mean, but they would be great on a tee shirt.  I guess the top design means that they have cool colors.


My guess on this one is that they are not “Plain as Toast”.  Ok maybe I’m pulling at straws.  I have a number of samples on order and will be checking out their new outerwear line.  I have no doubt that these will be equally outstanding.

When you are looking for an expert opinion of wearables and the many unique ways to design a garment that will stand you apart from your competition, contact  Mention this article and I will send a free Zorrel tee shirt in your size and color if you are a qualified promotional or logo apparel buyer.  Limited to the first 10 people.

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  1. Steve

    These guys will send you a free sample if you are considering a larger order. This is definitely a great shirt.

  2. Sally

    The ads mean the shirt keeps you cool as a tall glass of ice water, and the shirt keeps you dry as a piece of toast.

    That’s what I take from them.

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