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Years of Service Awards

In today’s business environment, training employees is still one of the most expensive business expenses.  While there is still a high turnover rate within corporate America, keeping good employees is always a concern. In the midst of downsizing and massive corporate cuts, there are a number of programs that can help in retaining key employees. But where is a good starting point?

One of the most cost effective solutions is to create a years of service program.  Here is how one of our most cost effective programs works.


1.  Determine if your program can be paper based, web based or both.
2.  Choose what denominations, years or milestones where you would like to give a gift.  Price denominations range from $25 to $1000.
3.  Decide what graphics you would like to include on your gift card and what message you want to display on the back.
4.   If you like, we can personalize the back of each card, however we typically do them blank.
5.  Professional Gifting will also custom brand a web page for you.  Just provide us with your basic artwork and we will design a custom page for you.  Here is an example of our work
6.  Decide if the gift card will be handed out in person or mailed to the recipients home. 


The overall cost for the cards and the website personalization is minimal.  You can have a ful program launched in 2-3 weeks or less.

Years of service programs are just one of the many ways that to tell your employee that they are important to you.  These can also be used for the following programs:
1.  Attendance Programs
2.  Safety Programs
3.  Referral Programs
4.  Loyalty Programs
5.  New Idea Programs

For more information on how to design a cost effective program for your company, contact your Professional Gifting associate.