Wholesale Closeouts

Every year buyers have opportunities to pick up great deals on close out inventory.  While there is a great appeal for these and there are a number of great values available, there are a number of reasons that these may not work out best for you.  Here are the Pro’s and Con’s.

Pro’s:  Great Price


·         Reorders: It is difficult to reproduce same item at the same price in the future

·         Stock availability:  While you may need 4000 pieces, only 2700 may be available

·         Sampling:  Many times stock will be gone in the time frame it takes to make a decision

·         Style:  In some cases the manufacturer found out the hard way that there particular design was a flop

·         Sizing:  In some cases the actual full production run was not sized properly

·         Washing:  The manufacturer learned that the product or the color did not hold up after washing.

·         Poor design:  While the product may look and work fine, there may be issues with its functionality.

The best reason to use closeouts are when you have a mass market that you are shopping for and you have time to examine an actual sample.  Be sure to give us a call for the most current close outs and specials.

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