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Video Business Cards and Packaging

One of the latest presentation products we have started producing are video business cards, packaging inserts and video books. These are ideal for companies that have a complex or very personal message to tell. We are seeing them being used with technology companies, non profits and numerous other applications.

There are a multiple of different screen sizes and pricing does fluctuate based on raw component costs changing.

One non profit had a number of kids that were benefactors of donations record a personal message to the donors.

Video Business CardsVideo Book Mailer Video Box Presentation Packaging Video Greeting Card Video Invitation 1 Video Post Card
If you are looking for something that would be similar but more budget oriented, you might consider using a web key or a web button.  This is a devise when plugged in, launches you immediately to a pre determined web site, YouTube video or any URL.

Custom Web Keys

Custom Web Button

Contact your Professional Gifting sales associate for firm pricing and additional information.