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USB People – USB People

One of the latest ideas and applications for USB jump drives are the Lego like characters that have just been released.  This is a classic case of invention/extension.  When a new product comes out (USB Drives), manufacturers look for ways to extend the product and come up with new applications.

While a handful of stock designs offer low minimums and quick turn times, custom designs require a 100-250 piece minimum.  If you plan on using the stock doctor, nurse or business person design, you may as well do a custom shape specifically for your employee/customer.  Do you work with scientists, police or firemen?  Why not make up a flash drive just for that audience?  USB People can be designed using this great tool if you need 250 or more.   Click here to design your own custom USB Person. Be sure to email your design to one of our sales people in order to get a firm quote.

Another application that has worked it’s way into flash drives are the utilization of widgets.  Widgets are small programs that pop on to your screen and offer live updated data.  This could include traffic alerts, sports updates or even multiple listing service info.

Another one of our unique programs are personalized pre-paid USB jump drives.
With this program, you buy a 1 GB card for approximately $17 each, depending on quantity.  The recipient goes online and is able to personalize each drive with their own name of custom copy.  These are ideal for fundraiser opportunities. 

There has recently been a pretty strong price decrease on jump drives and this is a great time to go green and supply your data via USB drive.

Here is a broad range of the memory drives that we carry.

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