New Ideas

Unique Promotion

Many of our clients constantly ask us for new and interesting products which will make their unique promotion or event unforgettable. Well, ask and you shall receive. Here are just a few products and ideas which are sure to grab attention, create buzz, and ultimately increase brand awareness.

When it comes to prospecting and sales efforts, it is always a good idea to contact people through multiple types of media. Email and the internet have become a primary source of communication. Phone calls are always appreciated, until you have to take the time to listen to a message, find a pen, write down the name and number, replay it until you actually process the information, then remember to call that person back. So I guess that leaves…. mail.

Direct mail seems to be slowly disappearing. Unless the recipient is expecting your letter, it is frequently thrown away or recycled. And many times, it does not even end up in the correct person’s hands! So… the first unique promotion I have to offer is…

Unique Direct Mail

Another common give-away item is a pen. Many become broken, get lost or stolen, run out of ink, etc. Why not try a pen that has a better chance of sticking around? Here’s a link!

Unique Pens

Unique Pens


Bar Promos

Bar Promos


Winter Ideas

Unique Winter Ideas

Need an idea for the colder months?
Try a USB Mug Warmer, Heat Changing Tumbler, Ice Scraper Mit, or Reusable Hand Warmer.

A few more ideas…


USB People


Pro Thumb Wrestling


Unique Journal


Unique Gift Ideas

Unique Gifts


For creative ideas on how Professional Gifting can find your perfect branded gift, contact one of our sales associates at 800.350.1796 or send us a message!