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Personalized Direct Mail

How do you obtain the WOW FACTOR with your clients and prospects???  Maybe you could send them a custom post card?


Buy them a custom drink???


Or maybe even even a custom car?


Actually, more than anything, people just want to know that you care about them and that you will treat them fairly.

I recently read a book by Chet Holmes called “The Ultimate Sales Machine” that supports using creative mail to gain recognition within your prospects mind. While the suggestions in the book may seem corny or plain, we have found a number of great ways to kick his program up a knotch and deliver the WOW FACTOR.

Have you ever heard of Variable Data Printing? This process is typically known for simply dropping in the individuals name that you are mailing into different parts of your marketing copy.  But what if you could make it change photographs?

Instantly you have grabbed your prospects attention like never before. I received this post card 9 months ago and I am still holding on to it.  This is not a cheap post card by any means. Pricing below is approximate and includes postage.

  • 500    = $2.95 each
  • 1000 = $2.30 each
  • 2500 = $1.75 each

I also received a calendar late in 2008. While it is the smallest calendar I own, I keep it right in front of me.  Any idea why? Every image on the different pages has my name embedded into the artwork. You can even incorporate your own products and photography. Call me up for full pricing details.


The best approach is to use multiple mediums of mail.  While the last 2 items are light and easy to mail, it is important to also use BULKY MAIL. The cone mailer shown below has a great presentation. When you call and get through to the gate keeper.  Tell that person that Mr. “X” has an important construction project in the works and you need to speak with him immediately.


Another great idea is this custom branded “Snooze Kit”. This piece is currently on close out with only 500 pieces remaining.  The beauty is that it is only $2!!! It also includes your logo printed on the packaging. If you really are planning on some type of mailer, this should be your first piece. Be sure to add creative copy with your mailer.

  • “Don’t get caught snoozing”
  • “Are you ready to rest easy”
  • “Is your current vendor tired?”


Are you looking for the WOW FACTOR? Do you want prospects calling you telling you how clever they think you are? Contact your Professional Gifting account manager to discuss some of the best ways to connect with your next client and stay tuned for more creative direct mail ideas.

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