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Unique Direct Mail – What do you think is most effective?

Last month, I created a discussion on LinkedIn which requested feedback about the types of unique direct mail we offer. I asked…

Which one of these unique direct mail pieces would you most likely open or hold on to?

Here is what people had to say….

Depending on the price I think the calendar with their name embedded on each month’s photo is fantastic. I would keep that on my desk because it’s COOL 😉
Posted by Elliott Gillman

I never throw away something personalized or a planter, but I never use the planter either. As soon as I scratch off something I would toss it once you see what you won or didn’t win. Anything that is not flat I open and give to our creative team as future ideas.
Posted by Samantha Pretasky

When I received a personalized postcard from my Mazda service shop, it really caught my attention! I brought the card in and asked about it because I am in the promotional products business. I also love the plantable mailers. Huge value-added remembrance that makes a positive, caring statement.
Posted by Molly Bordonaro Hall

As a marketing person I’m always thinking about something funny and/or exclusive for my customers. This depends on the event or occasion.
However I never believed in direct mails, unless if it’s something really creative, unique and catches my attention…
I like your custom monopoly game and your ecofriendly products! So let’s go green and never send printed direct mails again!
Posted by Johanna Both

I would pay the most attention to the scratch-offs. Everyone likes to feel like they’ve won a prize!
Posted by Courtney Martin

I liked the Personal Assistant Cards mailer the most
Posted by Sunil Bhatia

It would depend on the marketing campaign, strategy and theme you have established. However, the end zone shot just jumped out at me when I hit the website.
Posted by Julie Clark

I like the unique pen idea and the plantable mailers. All of the designs on your website were great. However, I find myself throwing direct mail away in my recycling like most people.

I like the tree gift card and would likely follow through as long as the questionnaire was not too invasive.
Posted by Brian Wolfe

I like the personalized postcards – people generally pay attention to their own name, particularly on the unexpected.
Posted by Jan Aument, CTSM

I’ve been a recipient of the plantable DM, and the kids did all the dirty work for me!
Posted by Bill Stewart

Same for me: plantable mailers. In the end, more personalized than the others, as the green issue seems to be a largely shared concern
Posted by Lauranie Nonotte

I like the personalized postcards the most, everybody loves their own name. I think it’s Dale Carnegie that said how important a person’s name is to them?
You have great ideas, I bookmarked your webpage for future reference.
Posted by Willem H Bezuidenhout

The “Plantable Mailer” would get my attention the most. My understanding from reading your website is your company is in the gift solution business and your clients want you to create the most unique corporate gifts. The Plantable Mailer is a novel idea; however it would only be applicable for the right type of clients you are targeting. In Christ, Bill
Posted by William T. Cooper

Some good ideas in variable data DM. Not sure that I would hold on to them, but they would definitely get my attention.
Posted by Don Mitchell

I like the written in concrete piece. It’s something we’ve all done….or wanted to do.
Posted by JoAnn Lefebvre

I also like the scratch off because I think people will want to see if they won something. I also feel if you mail something that people can tell has something inside (not flat) they will open it just to see what it is. A unique shaped mailer often draws attention and a curious person open it.
Posted by Julie Hall

I would also open, keep and remember the plantable mailers. With “eco-friendly” being a big buzz, it’s more likely to stick with someone and contributes to the positive imagery of the company.
Posted by Alesia Zorn

I like the football one – especially since it’s very easy to see the name, and would be something many people would hang on to being that it looks real. I also like the fireworks display – again, looks like it’s real. Great idea for gifting. 🙂
Posted by Jennifer Burk

Custom scratch offs are the one I would most open if it came to my home. I agree it has to be something special and a “give away” when the scratch off is done.
Hope this is helpful
Posted by Marian Lappin

Nice designs. However, especially the sports…I prefer something that either – looks more realistic or uses regular looking people (everyone looks too manicured like they really don’t sweat…). The other one that left me flat is the Personalized Direct mail. What I would like to receive is something that is innovate use of the personalized — example someone reading a personalized post card or letter or something not expected or innovative example. These look similar to most of the mailers I receive that I don’t look at any more. I like the T-shirt concept …very nice work. The other promotional mailers are OK. What is sold is straight forward – promotional products and such.
The AK Creative Works pieces I would look at and maybe keep posted in my area. They are whimsical, interesting, and unexpected visuals that surprise or at least make me stare for a moment. The message / information I need is not lost in the creativity.
Thank you for sharing and soliciting feedback. I hope my comment have been helpful.
Posted by Arline Williams

I really love the personalized calendars. We’ve ordered those for Christmas gifts for our clients this year.
Posted by Melinda Bowden

I personally feel it has to be unique and it also works to offer something for free. People love free stuff!
Posted by Anthony Visconti

I really like personalized direct mail. I have 2 things I’ve kept up in my cube for 6+ years – one is a pizza with my name spelled in pepperoni, the other says “Nothing happens until NAME makes it happen.” That’s my favorite. I also like the cone. I bought one from somewhere that says “Give me coffee and no one gets hurt” – it’s bright orange and sits on my desk.
Posted by Heather Geddings

I think the scratch off because if gives the recipient the feel of winning something.
Posted by Michelle Robb

I like the Wow/personal assistant card or a personalized direct mail…got several of those for Exposition 2010 and shared with my Creative team.
Posted by Sally Behringer

I’m started to see a lot of music download cards being used as direct mail promo pieces, which are among the services we provide our customer base. Seems both corporate and special interest groups are using this option to capture more of their target audience and even steer them to a specific website.
Posted by Cindy Naugle

I would open the plantable mailers – especially now with everyone “going green” I think the give a tree is a unique direct mail. I have used the postage stamp for our 20th anniversary event and it was a big hit.
Posted by Lorraine Roscoe

I’m only a fan of personalized direct mail when it’s extremely targeted. It can come off as insincere, especially when the name isn’t spelled correctly or it’s just a last name. The other two options, however, I love. Very creative. The plantable mailers should probably have some connection to the business being promoted (either a green initiative or announcing a giving campaign, etc.) and the scratch off cards should give a relevant, desirable gift.
Posted by Cindi Acker-Hein

As a guy, the sport-based designs catch my attention. As a ego-based human being, seeing my name in print gets my attention. As any publisher of a local newspaper will tell you it’s all about the “names”. Since I just launched a personalized direct mail campaign (3 separate DM pieces; 1 each month), I’m betting that the response rate will be higher than a standard piece. Of course the creative and the copy have to be there also to get the prospect to take the action desired. We’ll see. But I like what you have to offer and agree that even a small calendar with your name can be a keeper.
Posted by Tom Cosgrove

What would your response be to this question?

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