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Training Ideas – Desk Ideas

One of our current projects is to come up with ideas for prizes given away at training seminars. Attendees are only allowed to receive up to $15 in prizes at these events.  Being in the window covering business, some of the most popular items have been calculators and tape measures.  Below are additional recommendations.


Two of the latest ideas that have come from our suppliers in the orient are the Chrome Highlighter set and the Cell phone holder with tape flags.  The highlighters are particularly unique as they are metal.  They are available individually or in a carrier designed to hold 4.  Cell phone holders are gaining popularity simply to keep ones desk organized.  Add the function of tape flags and you have another winner.  Both items are ideal for designers, architechs or anyone that spends most of their day at their desk.


Once again, anyone that is constantly working with contracts or sending catalogs out to their clients, the leatherette Tape Flag case is an ideal promotion.  While it comes standard with a 2008 calendar, this is a great area to tell your story to clients or employees.  Provide us artwork with your message and we will add this to the item.

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Tape measures are another item that people can’t have enough of.  Sooner or later they break or are lost.  While they don’t take up the valuable desk real estate that everyone vies for, they take up the next best spot.  Tools regularly used that are kept in the desk.  For years I have been cutting paper with scissors given to me by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and I didn’t have to go to my desk and look up their name.  Logo Tape Measures are available in numerous sizes, quality and prices.  Our job is to determine who your audience is and advise on the best fit.  One of our favorite suppliers is Logomark.  A wide selection can be found here.

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Calculators range in price from $1 to $20 plus.  Some of the more popular styles are add in clocks and calendars, as well as robot like movements.  Once again, calculators are used by everyone and no family has only one.  Here is another wide assortment that might fit your needs better.


As Americans age, by 40 years old most people have either had to get glasses or contacts.  High quality magnifiers are an ideal piece to carry in your professional gifting arsenal.  They are available in all shapes and sizes.  One item that is not shown is the credit card magnifier that is frequently used in dim lit resaurants.

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The last 2 ideas fall back into the tool category.  Both screwdrivers and flashlights always seem to disappear.  Any of these tool related items can be geared toward the theme of giving people the tools they need to be more successful at whatever goal you want them to acheive in. is a provider and supplier of creative custom ideas for corporations throughout America.  For the perfect gift contact