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Top Best Boss Gift Ideas

Every year there is a rush to find the greatest gift for your boss or the executive who has everything.  Well here is a list like you have never seen before.  Please rank them in the comment section. But First, If you are looking for something that offers a large selection, at multiple price points, you might consider ordering some of these certificate booklets. You can pick a gift between $25  and $4000.  We do tons of these for holiday gifts. Just call us and we will place the order.

Over the years there have been many new styles of texting and touch screen gloves. These are probably the best quality and most stylish. We can customize them with minimum orders of 100 units, but they are available in 1 piece minimums as well. They come in 4 sizes, small, medium, large and XL. Price is $24.95 and 29.95 plus shipping. Click here for a large selection.

Texting Touchscreen Gloves

Our most recent find are these totally custom steel benches. These are used for municipalities, schools and many NFL teams.  Minimum order is 1 unit and the delivered price is approximately $895.  What are your corporate colors? We will powder coat those colors into the overall design. These do take approximately 30 days to complete from start to finish, but we can provide you with a virtual design within a few days for you to present at your event.

Custom Metal Benches

One addition to our best boss gifts are our Custom Bar Mirrors. Minimum order is 1 unit. Average price is around $200. We can help with art design as well.

Custom Mirrors

This will be the Top Best Boss gift of 2014. The Custom Yukon cooler by Igloo. Think about all of your coolers. Do you have any where a latch is not missing or something broken? Sure it still works, but it is damaged goods. Oh… and does it keep your ice cold for 7-14 days??? Are you kidding me? Is it Bear Proof? Can you also place a persons individual name and/or company logo on as few as 1 piece? We carry 7 styles of this product and can typically ship in under 7 days after proof approval. Prices start at $250 and go up to $1000. Type in Yukon in the search field here and call for your pricing.

Custom Yeti Coolers

Another new item being added to the roster of Best Boss Gifts would be the Smart Wallet. These are available as men’s and ladies wallets and feature the latest in blue tooth and GPS technology. It also features RFID blocking to keep those looking to high jack your information at bay.  Price is $99 each, plus shipping. Add $10 for initials and $15 for full name personalization. Discounts available when ordering in quantity.

Smart WalletLadies Smart Wallet

One of our most recent additions to our list is the Custom Gold Record. Great for a group or just letting 1 person know that they made a gold record difference.

Gold record award

If you like the music theme, this is a great way to let your boss know that he is a rock star!!! When was the last time you gave someone a Custom Guitar?

Custom Guitars

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a retirement gift, sales award or a thank you gift, the custom Louisville Slugger is a sure winner. Price starts around $60 and you can even to a logo on the bat. We have done hundreds of baseball promotional items in the past if you need additional ideas.

Best Boss Gift Baseball Bat

Here is our most affordable idea. These wine ice cubes are one of the most useful beverage ideas. We are currently offering a 1 piece minimum special through Square at $18.95 each. Order more than 5 sets and get free shipping.

Buy Wine Ice Cubes

Another idea great for any management team, board of directors or really anyone that has a business card, are these business card sculpture in a bottle.

Business card sculpture

Available in as few as 6 units, this is the keepsake that will never be thrown away. Available in around 100 configurations, this is sure to be a winner. Prices range from $80 to $180 each.

We just came across these wooden barrels that can be personalized. They are available in 1 liter, 2 liter and 3 liter barrels. Prices start at $55. There are many approaches to how these can be used.  Purchase the recipient a bottle of their favorite bourbon and let them let it bask in the cask for a more oak filled flavor.


  • First on the list is the Tumi Leather Mobile Power Pack (#14363).  Here is how it works. You plug it in until it is fully charged. Then you take it with you where ever you travel. It holds enough power to recharge your phone at least 5 times. It works great for PDAs, MP3 players, phones and most portable devises.  Available in red or black, it also comes in a very nice leather sleeve that can be decorated.  You are also able to either personalize it or pop your company logo on it. Retail price is $150 each.
  • These are one of my favorite finds. These are custom made masks that can be made to look like any character or maybe even your boss. Great for pranks, Parades and the perfect retirement gift.  Minimum order is 25 units, price is $15 each. Price goes down to $10 each at 50 units and $7 each at 100. Remember, the better the picture, the better the end product. You can see through them almost perfectly.  I was literally driving around with the Obama one and people were going nuts.


  • 3. Did you know that 2009 is the 125th anniversary of the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife? They have created a number of commemorative items using special gold leaf graphics. The knife shown above retails at $120 each. The small classic knife with scissors is currently on special for $10.95 each.
  • 4. This is probably one of my favorites, as I received this as a sales award a number of years ago. Why not make up a totally custom song for your boss? I promise that it will be a gift that has never been received. Not only is it a great keepsake, but it is ideal if you are having a party or better yet, a roast. Price for custom written songs start at $1295. If you have a little more to spend, Duke will even consider a live performance. This is not something that can be slapped together in a few days. We require a 20 minute interview with someone close to the recipient and we record in a professional studio.

  • Maui Jim Sunglasses have been voted the all time best incentive gift to give to ANYONE!!! We now offer individual gift cards so your boss can go online and buy the style that fits him best. You pick the dollar amount, starting at $100. In fact, you can get a gift card where they can pick from the whole line, for $250.  In some cases that will save $80 from the retail price.


  • Next on the list is the custom fire pit. I don’t know about you, but we love to spend time around the fire. Being in the Midwest, the only months we don’t use our fire pit is July and August. Any other month makes for a nice atmosphere. Minimum order is one piece and yes, it can be personalized. Price is approximately $350 delivered. They also come with a spark screen, poker and grill. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. For larger quantity opportunities, you might want to call us for special pricing through our wholesale energy drinks division.


  • Create a new line of energy drinks for the boss.  Add in pictures of  the key employees that continue to energize the company. Or better yet, ask their spouse for pictures to create a collage. Minimum order for these is one case. Price is around $2.50 per can, there is a $75 setup charge and normally around $75 for artwork.  Bottom line is you are looking at under $500 for 100 cans or $650 for 250 cans.

  • Personalize a set of golf gear or even add in a personalized golf bag. Most people do not have a golf bag with their name on it. Most of these items can fit in whatever budget you have. Or just pick out any of our products from Club Glove.Top-10-5
  • These deck heaters are another small luxury that most anyone can use. In fact they might be able to use a few of them. The problem we find is that the ones sold at Lowes and The Home Depot are a bit on the flimsy side. The way to go is to use commercial grade heaters. On the low side, these start at $400 and go up. If your boss has a big house, you may want to ask their spouse if they have natural gas coming to the house. Running gas lines makes it a lot easier to fire up on a moments notice. If they are not properly weighted and secured a strong wind can knock them over.


  • Here is the GRAND PUB BAH of all gifts. The ultimate tailgate gift will blow everyone away. Available in a number of different configurations, these start in the $7000 range and can go as high as $14000.  The massive cooking area is 46″ x 21″ and is powered by 6 burners and offers 2 stainless counters and 2 stainless ice chests. This puppy weighs in just under 900 pounds.


  • We found one more item that will fit many peoples needs.  This custom etched pitcher with 4 pub glasses can be shipped in less that 10 days. We can even drop the persons name into the artwork. Price is $135.

Regardless of what you give the boss, whether it is a trailer grill or a hand shake, be sure to thank your employer this year. They have taken risks that normally keep them awake at night.

We found a few other links for Top 10 ideas and you may find additional fun items at We even figured we would post a link for our competition and let you decide what ideas are the most creative.

Here are a few similar and additional ideas.

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