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Top 10 Promo Ideas for 2014

Year after year we never cease to find creative ways to make our customers events and promotions a meaningful experience.  Here are some of our favorites.

Do you have a boss, sales person or customer that has been a rock star for your organization? One of our clients wanted to show their appreciation to their boss. We digitally printed all the graphics and signatures on this guitar. Price point fell in the $350 range. Turn time was 5 days.

Custom Guitar Promotion

Next, custom energy drinks have remained a strong category for us this year and we have assisted in launching a new brand. Pricing ranges from $1.50 per can in large quantities to $2.75 per can. Minimum order is 24 cans and delivery is typically 3-4 weeks.


Another fun project we did were custom hats and visors from AHEAD. AHEAD Caps are the number 1 selling golf hats in pro shops throughout the country.  The unique thing about this project was that every hat and visor had the individuals name inside of each hat. Price range was under $20 each and delivery was 2-3 weeks.

Custom AHEAD Hats

While we are the largest reseller of Tervis Tumblers in the state, we offer a number of Tervis Tumbler knock offs.  Available in multiple sizes, I like these for their ability to add individual personalizations to each and every cup. Price range is $5 – $10, delivery is 3 weeks.

Variable Data Tumblers

Awards are becoming more and more popular, as companies are more cognizant on making their employees, suppliers and customers feel good about their relationship with them. Awards can be as inexpensive at $5 and range all the way up to $1000+.  I like to think of awards as a silent sales person. When chosen properly, your award, with the recipients name and your name, are in front of your audience every day.

Indianapolis Awards Art Glass 3


Packaging is one of the most under utilized item and has the power to transform a cheap pen into the response…. “Wow… that’s pretty cool”. While the packaging may cost even more than the item, it say’s to the recipient… “You are important to me”. We offer surprisingly low minimums and prices are across the board.

Custom Pillow Boxes

Electronics are beginning to rule the roost.  We created this custom ear bud set for Tata Chemical as an employee gift. Price fell in the $11 range and included custom packaging and zipper pull. But the hottest items out are Portable Power Bars and Blue Tooth Speakers. Are you tired of giving away logo apparel? Both of these categories are priced at the same range as a tee shirt, polo or jacket and there is no need to worry about sizes.

Custom Zipper Ear Buds
Custom Bluetooth Speakers

I should not have “DIS’ed” apparel. This is still the industry leader garnering no less than 30% of all promo sales. Our first approach is to match the customer with the right brand. There are times for a $4 tee shirt and times for a $25 tee shirt. Main issue is to match the price point with the overall goal. Do we want this garment to be worn again? Next, do we want to just slap a logo on the item? or do we want to create a custom design that the end user cares about? We might want to step out of the box and do an overall imprint.

Custom Sublimated Shirts

Our most unusual project of all has to be these Custom Beverage Dispensers. This is a perfect example of the importance of packaging.

Cellucor Beverage Mock Up

Do you ever market to beer drinkers?  Are you looking to find marketing real estate in there bars, garage, lake house’s or pool areas? Consider a custom “OLD SCHOOL” bottle opener.  These are made by the same company that has done them for Coca-Cola for almost 100 years. Prices vary, but fall in the $5 range.

Custom Debossed Wall Mount Openers

The wine industry has grown so much over the years and for those that drink fine wines, this was a great project for us. Wile wine cases vary in price, starting in the $20 range, our client was looking for something unique for the recipient.  We added individual personalizations, and while you can choose whatever price range of wine you prefer, we stocked each of these with 2 bottles of Opus One. Does it get any better than that? I would have loved to receive that gift.

Wine Case

Are you ready for unique ideas? Contact your Professional Gifting sales associate so we can bring our creativity to your company.