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The latest in custom drinkware

Our rep showed up the other day to give a presentation on lapel pins and embroidered patches. Having been in the business for almost 20 years, I was starting to fall asleep. I can’t begin to tell you how many custom lapel pins I’ve seen in my life. Die cast, Die struck,¬†cloisonne, poly dome, etched and color fill, etc., etc., etc. (In case you don’t know the difference between these different processes, drop us a note with your shipper number and we will forward samples to you). Then we moved into the highly exciting field of patches. Without going into too much detail, I was equally bored. Then he came out with the hardware!!!

These were one of the most unique decoration processes I’ve seen. The metal was so thin, yet real sturdy. He had a few samples of the metal attachments and each one was curved specifically to the shape of the glass. My mind started racing. Wow… these are great for these glasses, but what else could we do with them? I would really like to use them for limited edition growlers. Another great feature is that they can also be custom shapes.

The next thing that drew my attention was the pricing. Minimum orders are 144 units and the prices ranged from $5 to $8, with the pints falling under $6.50 and ceramic mugs at $6 and $7. Current selection also includes insulated tumblers.

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If you think this is an idea you would like to try for your company, forward your artwork, and we will make up a virtual sample for you.

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