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Tehama Apparel

Over the past 10 years, you may have come across a new brand of clothing geared specifically toward golf markets named Tehama.  This relatively new line of apparel is a company that is owned by Clint Eastwood, apparel designer and wife to Clint, Nancy Haley and Clints daughter Dina Ruiz Eastwood. The name Tehama, is the name sake of a golf course that Clint owns named Tehama that is located in Carmel California.


I first came across the brand while traveling to California and Arizona in 2001.  While the shirts had a sleek, fashionable design, they were priced in the $80+ range. Certainly out of my budget. Over the years the price has stayed the same in retail, but has come down in corporate markets.

Having set up a new account with Tehama, we are offering our existing and prospective clients a unique sampling offer. Browse through the catalog andreceive a 50% discount on any two of these high quality garments. This price is for samples only and is not available for bulk orders. Shipping charges will apply.


At the end of the day, we offer 100’s of brands where you can get a good quality shirt for $25 to $35. These are best used when you are looking to outfit a large group of people and have a strict budget.  When you need a gift that will go to a customer that needs to have an impact, brand names such as Tehama will give you the WOW factor that you want your client to experience.

For a presentation on the Tehama brand, please contact your PG sales associate.

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