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Swiss Army, Callaway and Soren

These brands are licensed and carried by TRG group.  For starteres, Soren has come out with a number of products that ROCK!


There are a lot of companies that carry desk assesories.  What makes these unique is the fact that they can have a magnet attached and can stick on to modular magnetic cubicles.  Each of the different components fall in the $6 to $15 range.

The next segment that is somewhat unique are the laptop sleeves.  Probably the most recognized brand in the neoprene market is a brand called BuiltNY.  They really have a high quality product, but the price is out of reach for many.  Their overall designs are second to none.


Soren offers a number of styles and designs that rival BuiltNY and at a price point that will better fit most corporate budgets.


The next special value that they offer as a show special are their awesome line of luggage.


 Not only are they great colors, but they offer matching color assesories.  Until the end of February, we are offering blank samples for $60.

In regards to the Callaway line, one of my favorites for ladies is the hand bag clutch.  Priced at $25, this is ideal for golf assesories, but even better for evenings out.


Probably one of my all time favorite brands is Swiss Army luggage by Victorinox.  Until March 15th, you can purchase one of the Tallux, 22″ rolling suitcases for $125.00.  This is half of the retail price.  This is only available to the first 3 people that request one.


For the latest ideas featuring name brands, contact your PG sales representative.

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