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Sweatshirt Notebook and Sweatshirt Water Bottle

For any program that has an athletic or team theme, both of these products are a guaranteed winner.


Needless to say, schools would be the best candidates for these.  Even though this product is shown with a water bottle, the sweatshirt bottle holder is a great way to package a number of products.  For beverage manufacturers, picture your brand inside as packaging for event tastings.  For smaller quantities, pricing falls in the $5.50 to $7.50 range.  Minimum order is 72 pieces and comes in white, gray and blue.  There is a $60 setup charge


If needed you can add the notebook as a supporting piece. Pricing on the piece below falls between $5 and $6.50.  There are 4 different colors to choose from.  White, Gray, Yellow and Blue. Minimum order is 72 pieces and there is a $60 setup charge.

For more information on these items, contact your PG sales associate.

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  1. Ken Reinstrom

    Hello Kathy,
    Sorry for the late reply, where would you like a sample shipped? Is this an item that we might be able to sell to you in the future?

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