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Slinky Note Pads

Another one of the coolest ideas at the 2009 PPAI show were the Slinky Note Pads.  While Post-it Notes seem like a boring promotional piece, you need to remember that an average of 4 people see every individual sheet.  These are the best solution when you are trying to locate multiple buyers in a company. Sooner or later they will start recognizing your name brand.  Back to the Slinky Note Pads…


These come in 2 different sizes.  They allow a 4 color process imprint on 1 side of each sheet and 5 stock color designs one back.

What I like most about them is that they are different and they are more likely to stay on the desk.  There are a few limitations, such as we can not do PMS color matches.  If you try to do one through CMYK you will pay $160 for a pre-production proof.  Order quantities are in 500 pad increments only.

I really like the sample shown to the top left.  This is a great way to do multiple photos of your new product release.

You are likely to find sources that offer higher and lower prices.  While we always match competitor prices, you will find that PG will consistently bring new ideas to your company first.  You can join our free sample program by signing up for our newsletter.  If you have any additional questions or need samples, please contact your PG associate.

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