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Skagen Leather Bag Collection

Since the company was formed in 1987, Skagen has brought a collection of watches, jewelry, sunglasses and unique Danish designs to America.  Now for their latest encore they have launched a new line of bags.


The NIVA tote comes in brown, black and oyster white.  The interior offers a designer satin lining with a leather trimmed zip pocket.  An attractive metal trim is used to accent the hardware.  The style numbers are 30840-BR for brown, 30840-B for black and 30840-ow for oyster.  List price is $175.


The Svendborg line offers 3 matching pieces.  Item # 11468 also comes in the same 3 colors.  Full hand picked leather with many of the same interior amenities found in the NIVA Tote.  Retail price starts at $315.


The messenger bag works well for ladies and men and is priced at $295.  A fabric / leather option is also available with retail pricing at $185.


Also available is a duffel, #14317 that is available in black and white.

These types of gifts are designed for those that appreciate the finer things in life.  While they are available with logo tags included, this bag and it’s fine packaging say it all.


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