Shipping Promotional Products

In the highly competitive field of promotional products, there are 50 different ways that companies can help increase their overall profitability at your expense.  Some factories increase the setup charges while others add a sizable margin for 2nd and 3rd color imprints.  One thing we are finding more and more are the sizable mark ups that factories are adding on to shipping.

At first, you may say that this is a rip off and it should not be allowed but lets look into it further.  First of all, the factory takes on the responsibility of shipping the product.  They typically are paying for daily pickup at their location, they are clearly using their boxes and most important, they are footing the bill and carrying the cost of shipping for up to 30 days or until they are paid by the distributor.  If this is getting confusing, let me remind you of how the typical order flows…

Order comes from the client to PG.
Order goes from PG to outside factory.
Order ships from factory direct to client.
Factory bills PG (including frieght).
PG bills client with no markup on the shipping.

So how do you save on shipping?

Regardless of the size of your company, you should be able to get your own UPS and FedEX number.  If you belong to any associations, they typically have group buying plans available.  By using your own shipper number you will get the discount that you would expect.

The only down side in this process is that it is not always easy to reconcile a separate shipping bill from a totally separate product bill.  

Some of our preferred factories that ship heavy items such as coffee mugs and books will frequently have great frieght deals and they will pass on theior discounts in order to get your business.

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