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Grow Your Business with Plantable Promotions

Are you looking for a unique idea which is eco-friendly and effective? Some of our most popular green promotions fall into a category known as…


Here are a few ideas that are sure to grow your brand including…
Potpourri, seed pouch kits, live tree seedlings, matchless garden kits, live aloe vera, garden seed kits, live good luck bamboo, flower stakes, royal dutch bulbs, bookmarks, palm tree starter kits, executive plant gifts, animal treats, and birdhouses.


Seed Embedded Mini Shapes & Stationery

These are some of the most popular items we sell!!
The plantable mini shapes are great for these reasons:
Low minimums
Inexpensive prices
Various Shape Options
Up to 4 colors on insert
Planting Instructions & Clear Pouch Included

Seed Mini Shapes

Plant-a-Tree Gift Cards

Our favorite way to run this promotion is by handing out or mailing our tree-gift-cards to the client.  We then develop a landing page that asks the user a few questions prior to planting.  This is the fastest way to get valuable information from your potential customer. They are also a great fundraiser idea!          

Plant-a-Tree Giftcard

Popular Slogans for Growables

We’re Branching Out
You’ll See More Green
Putting Down Roots in Your Community
Come Grow With Us
Thanks for Helping Us Grow
We’re Saving Thousands of Trees
Go Green
Green and Go

Can you think of any other suitable tag lines to use in this type of promotion?

For additional green promotional ideas, go to or contact one of our sales agents at 800-350-1796.

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