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Recognition 2009

Here is the big question for 2009… How am I going to motivate the team in order for us to reach our goals. Here is a good guidline to taking the right path.

1. Take a look at what you are doing right now with recognition. How did last years program tun out? What did the employees think about it? Determine your strengths, weaknesses and the areas that need more focus.

2. Map out your own recognition strategy. Why are you doing recognition in the first place, and what tools can you use to manage your program with ease and effectiveness. Share your recognition philosophy and purpose for feedback from others and when agreed upon, send it down so everyone can be on the same page.

3. Match up recognition with the business strategy. It may be improving retention, raising customer satisfaction or getting higher employee participation, recognition, rewards and incentives can be powerful tools to reinforce behavior and reward business results.

4. Establish short- and long-term recognition goals. Whatever worked before should be continued, and whatever did not should be stopped or redesigned. Then set goals on how you can improve recognition over the next year.

5. Align recognition to your vision, values and mission. Your organizational culture, attitudes, beliefs and corporate personality should be strong enough to turn recognition into a way of life, not just another program. In turn, recognition can help reinforce the best behaviors aligned with your values.

6. Get support at the top. Nothing makes recognition happen more than senior leaders supporting and exemplifying positive recognition actions. Recognition really starts at the top in getting other managers on board.

7. Develope a communications strategy. Managers and employees need to know how to be good recognizers. Show them where the resources of articles, tips and ideas are online. After training, use online surveys and questionaires to see how effective you have been.

8. Educate and demonstrate exemplary recognition. Educate people on the “why” of recognition and the “how” will flow much better. Give training to help people overcome any issues and challenges, and teach them the right way to give people the recognition they deserve.

9. Expect recognition and hold people accountable. Unless someone senior to you sets clear expectations for giving recognition, nothing will start. Furthermore, once the standard is set, if no one follows up or gives you feedback on how you are doing, nothing will change or be maintained.

10. Keep it simple. Nothing is more meaningful than a sincere expression of thanks and appreciation. Make it your goal to be looking for people doing great work and becoming the best recognition giver of the year.

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