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Quick Look Mirror

Another brand new item that has been getting great reviews is the Quick Look Mirror®.  At first look, you would say… “Ok… it’s just another mirror” but after a few twists you find that it requires no hands.  Rather, it only requires one hand to open.


The next benefit is that there are 2 mirrors inside.  One that has 1x magnification and the other is 3x magnification.  The higher magnification makes them great for looking at your teeth, makeup, skin or hair. In fact, since the item is fairly well protected, by sliding it on your key chain, you can even use it as a safety item.

The most success we have had with this product is in it’s fund raising capabilities.


In the case shown above, retailers are asked to sell the product for a retail price of $4.99 ($5.00) each. Since there are 18 units in the box, the total box sell price is $90.  Your cost per box is $65 or approximately $3.60 per unit.  We will make a donation of $18 per box.  Therfore you can either sell the box to the retailer at $65 per box and you make no profit from them or you can sell it for $90 per box and the retailer does it as a good will donation for the cure and your organization makes an additional $25.  The total minimum profit is $18 per case from Professional Gifting.  And a potential maximum for the promotion is $18 (PG) + $25 (retailer).  

If the retailer is hesitant to buy the item outright, you may need to do it based on consignment. We can also provide a consignment agreement for you to use with the retailer.  Typically they do not make a commission split under that agreement.

If you are able to get 20 people to commit to placing 5 boxes, your total maximum income can be as low as $1800 or as high as $4300.  By pricing the product higher, you can even create a higher margin. If you can find a large enough buyer, we can even co-brand this piece at a very small additional charge.  We can even co-brand or re-brand the carton to fit your needs.  Co-branding is another sponsorship opportunity that can underwrite 1/2 or sometimes all of your product cost.

Here is a small clip of the Quick Look Mirror.

We offer offer a number of creative ideas to raise money for your cause.  We also do a line of creative shirts that will win the “best tee shirt award” that we sponsor at different events around the country.

For more information on this project call Ken Reinstrom at 800-350-1796 x101

PS  Minimum order is 5 cases.

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