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Quality Knit Shirts – A Golfer’s Dream

Picture this.

You wake up at 6:30AM on a hot summer day. You stumble toward the shower, dry off quickly, and head toward your closet. Knowing you will be playing golf with one of your biggest clients, you must make a good impression. So you begin to rummage through your rainbow of polo’s. You choose black because it looks sharp and professional, then turn on the iron.

About an hour later, you tee off. The sun continues to rise, and a drop of perspiration trickles down your forehead just as youbegin pitching your new idea. Maybe black wasn’t the best choice. Now your biggest client is wondering why your shirt’s all wet all the while questioning your state of discomfort. If only you had chosen a different color, or perhaps a completely different shirt.  If only you had been introduced to SanMar’s premium line of sport shirts; your business, and your golf game could have been much more precise.

Some of the best shirts SanMar has to offer are represented by Tiger Woods and Nike. One of our favorite collections is presented by Nike Golf. It offers numerous sport shirts and polo’s which are made for situations similar to the one above. Their special Dri-FIT fabric pulls perspiration away from the skin and moves it to the outside layer of the shirt where it dries the quickest. The shirt also shields you from ultraviolet rays through 30 UPF protection. So you can feel confident choosing a sleek black shirt on a ninety degree day, knowing you won’t lose your cool.

The collection of sport shirts SanMar has to offer is diverse and affordable. However, if you want a fabric unrivaled in moisture management technology, Nike Dri-FIT is the smartest choice. Not to mention, most of these shirts can be worn straight out of the dryer!

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