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Promotional Product Coupons – Bic Coupon, Discount Codes

This week we are running a number of special value coupons for specific promotional product categories.  Our first segment in for pens and writing instruments.


Writing instruments are one of the most popular categories when it comes to promotional products.  Most pens start in the $.25 price range.  When ever my clients want to do pens, I typically take them first to Bic.  While there are numerous options that are less expensive, Bic pens seem to always work?  If Bic is not their first choice, I still try to stay with brand names such as Senator Pen, Pentel or one of my favorites… the F-301 ZEBRA pen.    The reason I recommend these brands is because they have the best chance of lasting for a long time.  Or better yet, the client decides they love how their pen writes and it becomes their favorite pen.  One of my last clients was upset with me because they threw out 25% of thier last pen order.  I had recommended Bic, but they wanted to save money.  Whats up with that?

Check back via e-mail as these coupons may be extended.  Written verification of competitive quotes must be submitted.  Contact