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Promotional Bicycles – 1 Piece Minimum

Custom logo bikes became the big promotion in 2008 for Regions Bank.  The promotion was brilliant!!!  They did not use a brand name bike (I don’t think) but they did do a custom color.  Most marketers think that if they wanted to do a similar promotion, they would have to do hundreds, if not thousands of bikes.  The truth be known, yes… for a custom PMS match bike you would need to order at least 100.  Your delivery time could be as long as 3-4 months, but these items make a killer promotion.

What if you could do 1 piece minimum?


Yes, the Geek Squad Bike is also custom, but there are a couple of designs that are available with minimal customization.  Below are a few additional styles that are also available.custom logo bikes

What are some other reasons to use bikes in your next promotion?  If you are looking to get display area on the floor of retail, this makes a great display.  Buy 50 cases and get a bike.  Are you trying to get your product into a new restaurant?  Again, this is an ideal nostalgic piece that can be suspended from the ceiling or a wall.  The customer gets one for each location that they use your product.

If you are a small company, you could pre book a few bikes to be sure that your stock is held.  As you need them, we will ship them one at a time.  Price for the bikes fall in the $250 range when ordering only 1 at a time.  There is a $75 initial setup charge and shipping per unit is about $45.

Pricing for fully customized bikes that are done overseas are $199, depending on how you customize it. Minimum orders are under $300

Next time you are looking for a creative way to move your company in the direction you are aiming, contact your PG sales executive.