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Professional Marketing Materials

In today’s market, first impressions are EVERYTHING!!!  Are you ready to be judged?

Custom Swiss Army Bags

You walk into a meeting at the customers office and everything is scrutinized. Your client wants to know if you are the right fit.  Are you successful? Are you well funded? Can these yo yo’s make my company more successful? I certainly can’t tell that story for you but I can outfit you with all of the non verbal tools that go into your prospects decision making process.

The first glance is your apparel. Here are a few guidelines.  If wearing a suit, consider a lapel pin. While relatively inexpensive, the client is thinking “These people look solid”.  If you are a bit more casual, matching custom embroidered polo’s, jackets or button downs tell the client “these folks are sharp and look like they would deliver consistent results”. Matching briefcases or backpacks further support this mentality. If it were me??? I would be sure to use the same brand product.

Are you using technology at your appointment? I have been in at least 5 meetings where a sales rep IPad went dead. Every salesperson should have a minimum of a small emergency energy stick, but should really carry this beast. Even if you bring this hardware out before your presentation begins, you will earn style points. In fact, someone may even ask you if you have an extra one for them.

Which brings us to the closing gift. This needs to be a small added favor of remembrance. When possible, try to use their name on the product. We always recommend associating your brand with well recognized brand names. One of my favorites are Custom Cross Pens.  Next, we will talk about the meeting at your office.

Contact your Professional Gifting sales associate for your next great idea.