New Ideas

Professional Gifting to Sponsor Local High School and Start-Up Recycling Company

One of the local programs we are sposoring this year is Cathedral High School Football.  Cathedral’s football team has decided to work with us this season and we are truly grateful. Coach Rick Streiff and his players are proud to announce their ESPN game on August 23rd against Carmel High School. The team will also be one of eight teams featured in Toyota’s Line of Scrimmage Show.


Other programs we have worked with at Cathedral include Camp Cathedral, Cathedral Lacrosse, and the projects within the Marketing Department.  Look for our ads in the Cathedral Highlights magazine, the Insight parent newsletter or listen to our ad on the Rick Streiff Show or at



Another group we’ve decided to support is a start-up recycling company known as Kans for Kids. This nonprofit has begun recycling bottles and cans in schools around Indianapolis. They are also involved with a larger spectrum of recycling called Waste Chasers. We chose to sponsor this group because they are dedicated to environmental education and waste reduction. Currently there are not any companies which recycle these materials in schools, so Kans for Kids was formed with this in mind. Once they entered the market, they realized the lack of plastic recyclers in Indiana and chose to partner with a company who could better accommodate those needs.   


Here at Professional Gifting, we continuously strive for excellence. By partnering with these groups, we provide support to businesses with similar goals in mind.


If you are interested in supporting these groups or would like more information, please call or e-mail Danielle at 317-257-3466 or