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Professional Gifting Awarded One of Google’s Favorite Places!

With all of the work we do to grow our web presence, we are most excited to have received a letter from Michael Prescott from Google. It said that between July 1st and September 30th, Google users found’s business listing 3742 times and they requested driving information or other information from our business 307 times. We were one of their top 100,000 searches.


So what the heck does this mean? After doing a little research, I learned that I could download an App on my new iPhone called i-nigma. This is a scanning application that when scanned, takes you to our Google business page. It allows scanners to review our company and confirm our directions. I did create a special coupon for a free offering when doing embroidery, but it only shows up online from my computer, not my cell phone. You can even try it now and scan it off of your computer.

I guess the other thing I am concerned about is… Do people judge us differently because we work out of a home office location? I’d love to get your feedback!

Ken Reinstrom

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