New Ideas

Plant a Tree Gift Cards

With more and more customers looking for ways to demonstrate their “green” policies, we found one of the most profound, cost effective green promo ideas. Give a tree!!!


Here is how the program works.  Your company buys “X” amount of 100% recycled cards, or PIN numbers. There is a $75 setup charge.


Then you have a few options regarding the delivery.  The least expensive, fastest way is to have your client go direct to a non branded site.  There is no setup charge for this. We recommend that we place a unique button on your site so that you can monitor the traffic that comes in through your analytics program.  The next option is to build a custom splash page. This can be an existing piece of art that we design for your total green campaign or graphics that you provide.


Our favorite way to run this promotion is by handing out or mailing our tree-gift-cards to the client.  We then develop a landing page that asks the user a few questions prior to planting.  This is the fastest way to get valuable information from your potential customer.

At these prices, this is also a great idea for a fundraiser.  I found a number of places getting over $1.00 per tree.

For additional green promotional ideas, go to or contact one of our sales agents.