New Ideas

Photo Stamps

This item is truly one of a kind.  Sending out mail will never be the same. PhotoStamps are great for event giveaways, branding campaigns, new product launches, thank you gifts, holiday mailings, and especially corporate anniversaries. These custom postage stamps are available with multiple options and are sure to leave a lasting impression with whoever receives them. 


If you order sheets of five, ten, or twenty you will also have an area to display your logo, photo, or brand message. There is also the option to create up to twenty different stamp images per sheet.



Another choice may be to create a Limited Edition stamp series and have them framed. Ideal for major corporate anniversaries and milestones as well as promotional campaigns. Or, you can even have your stamps made into custom die-cut shapes. This option has just been introduced this year! You can even order rolls for high volume mailings.


Whether you’re using these every day, or simply during the holidays, your logo will now be a collectors’ item.