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Pet Food Scoop ‘N Clip – Evans Manufacturing: 
Finally, a product that is durable, useful, and convenient. This, my friends, is called the Scoop ‘N Clip. Bundled up into one little gadget is a pet food scooper with a handy clip on the back to keep your pet’s food fresh.

No more odors of pet food in your pantry, kitchen, or garage. No more hassle trying to lift and fumble with a twenty pound bag. This paw-shaped item will prove to be helpful in promoting your business. It even comes in 13 Tropi-Cool translucent colors and 16 solid colors. Ideal for pet food companies, pet stores, veterinarians and pet shows. (Item 3205)

Portable/Collapsible Pet Dish – SnugZ USA: 
Yesterday, I was driving my car with my “best friend” sitting next to me. It was a really hot day and he began to pant. I thought about how nice it would be to fine some sort of product that would allow him to drink water in the car on hot days. A Portable/Collapsible Pet Dish is what I found.

These can be used at home or while traveling. The item is available in black or red and is great for people and pets on the go. The imprint area is 2×4” which will boldly display any logo placed on it. (Item PTB)

Dog Leash with Flashlight – The Premium Connection: 
Ever wanted to walk your dog at night, but didn’t because it was too dark. Maybe you’ve been camping and forced to neglect your dog on hikes because he or she is scared of the dark. Now there is a product that will solve these types of problems.

It’s a dog leash with a flashlight attached to it. The handle is easy to grip, and there is a thumb control for easy locking. The leash’s material is extremely durable, and it extends ten feet. Since it is retractable, the leash will not get tangled or dragged on the ground. Oh, and did I mention there’s a flashlight attached? (Item 060-DOGL)

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