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Personal Assistant Cards – Review

One of the coolest gift ideas that I came across in visiting the 2008 PPAI Expo in Las Vegas was the Custom Personal Assistant Cards.  Have you ever heard of “OnStar”?  This card offers all of the same functions and many more.


Whenever you need a personal assistant, this is the way to go.  Here is how it works… When the call is first answered, a live assistant says…  Thank you for calling “Your Comany Name”… Personal Assistance.    Here are just a few of the questions you might ask one of the trained personal concierges…  I need directions to…  I need the phone number or address to… I am in Dallas and I’m looking for an Italian restaurant…  Please send help to…  Where is the closest movie theater and what’s playing?  I have a license number of a car that ran me off the road. Can you tell me who the car belongs to? What is the make and model of the car so I know that it’s the right one? Prior to the call ending the attendant says… Thank you for calling “Your Company Name”… Personal Assistance… Have a nice day.

After my initial excitement, I thought… Will I ever really use it?  Who wants to carry around an extra card?  Then it occured to me to load the number into my cell phone, and I would have it with me forever.  Sure enough, I went out on a sales call to a client I had not seen in quite a while.  As I approached down town, I realized that I did not remember which building the client was in, or what floor.  A simple call to my personal assistant directed me immediately.  Did I mention that this does not even need to be printed on a card?  These can be delivered through any “Variable Data” print process.  You can print on pens, coffee mugs or shirts.  You can even forward the phone number with the associated PIN# on an e-mail!!!  For a great presentation, you might even want to include this item in a branded wallet from Fossil or Canyon Outback.


When you come across one of these “Wow Cards”, be sure to use it.  For your free sample of one of these cards, contact  We will give you the best price and suggest the best application.

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