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Are you looking for new ways to gather data? Maybe you are trying to build a prospect data base? One of the challenges with rewarding people for completing a survey or entering in contact information is the delivery of the gift once the task is comnpleted.  Enter Digital Premiums.


Digital Rewards offer a seamless way to reward customers and prospects for all levels of information gathering.  Some programs reward people for as little as $.50 per respondent.

The most recent addition to our digital promotion segment are hotel discount cards.  These are available in $25 and $50 increments. Here is how they work.


Purchase 250 $25 cards for $6 each. That equates to $6250 worth of value at a price of $1500.  This is a great tool for recruits that are asked to fly in or for any company with a large sales organization.  These can be used with the following brands.

digital-hotel$50 cards are also available for $18 each. That equals a $8000 discount to the face value of 250 cards.  Combine this with the ability to capture consumer data and you have a rock solid promotion.

Our categories include:

  1. Digital Photo Print Rewards
  2. Digital Phone Card Rewards
  3. Plant a Tree Rewards
  4. Music Download Rewards
  5. Ring tone Rewards
  6. Movie Ticket Rewards
  7. Dining Rewards
  8. DVD Rewards
  9. Dining Rewards
  10. Merchandise Points Rewards
  11. Pizza Rewards
  12. Movie Ticket Rewards
  13. Cell Phone Skin Rewards
  14. Hotel Discounts

Regardless of your preference, you will be able to deliver any of these products without shipping or handling. Our merchandise programs are quickly becoming one of the fastest growing segments, simply because you are rewarding people to do exactly what you want.

For more information on how Professional Gifting can help grow your business, contact your PG sales associate.

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