New Ideas

Next Give-Away

With our first drawing give-away completed, the Cruzin Cooler was a great catalyst for 4th quarter sales. What was even more interesting was how much fun we had with the overall promotion. My son would drive the cooler around the neighborhood, we took it to a Colts game we even sponsored a local Zumba group in a parade. Please give us your input on what item you would like us to use in our 1st quarter give-away.


The motorized cooler will be a tough act to follow, but rather than decide for our selves, we wanted to get your feedback. Please leave your comments on what you would like to see for our next give-away.


Option 1. A personalized fire pit with your name cut into the metal.


Option 2. 1 pair of Maui Jim sunglasses for the the first 3 names pulled in the drawing.


Option 3.  3 glass and pitcher sets with your custom logo.


Option 4. Start your own energy drink. We will create 1 case of customized energy drink for you.

Used MyT5

Option 5. We have found that ping pong tables make for a great team builder, when you company location has a good place to set it up.


Option 6. We could always do another cooler.

Please leave a comment on what item you would like to see given away.

For every $250 in business you do with us, you receive 1 chance for the prizes. We will also be offering chances if you sign up on our rss feed, LinkedIn and email list.

I look forward to your response.