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New Eco Friendly Pens

Just last week I learned about 7 additional states participating in the plastic bag ban. Over the last 10 years, plastic bottles have also become a nuisance. However, many new products have been made out of these bottles such as non woven shopping totes, fleece and polo shirts to name a few.  well here is the next entry in the the Eco Friendly Product category. Bottle Pens.

These really hit home when it comes to the recycle look, but also the quality you can expect from Pilot Pen.

This pen is made up of 89% recycled plastic and mimics the same look as a water bottle. It can even be decorated with a printed wrap. It is also a refillable pen.

Price falls in the $2 range. Here are a number of additional items you may want to consider for Eco Friendly Ideas.

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