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More Green Ideas for Promotional Products

I just got off the phone from one of our suppliers that makes everything in recycled paper products.  Not only is it recycled, they insert seeds into the batch while it’s being mixed up.  She mentioned that they were awarded as one of the top 10 fastest growing suppliers to the industry.  Anything that is made out of paper, can be made out of recycled paper.  Sure the expense is a higher, but how much value and good will does a company generate when they are perceived as a green company?

Here are a few ideas that can give your next promotion a “GREEN” punch to them.

They can be boxes, bags, journals, presentation folders, note cards, etc.   I have even found someone that can do photo frames.  Creative packaging does so much more for your gift.  In some cases, your packaging can cost as much as the item you are giving away.

 Seed papers can be designed into custom shapes that are then used as ornaments.  In many cases, you can also choose the type of seed that you want inserted.  Every year I have a number of customers that use seed cards as holiday gifts.  Not only are they a card but they are also a gift.  Made of 100% post consumer recycled materials… This is one of the best ways to tell your clients that you are making an effort to save the planet.  OK… Take care of the planet.  If you are ever looking for a unique “earth friendly” idea, give us a call.  I’ll send you a few free samples.

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