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Birthday Cake for 1

Do your duties include designing some kind of birthday gift to help make employees or clients special? If so, do we have an idea for you. It’s a birthday cake for 1!!!

This experience really left Adam and I with a smile on our faces. Just to show how easy is was, we made up a video. Keep in mind, that this was the very first attempt our of the gate. ┬áIf we were not trying to rush it, I’m sure the icing would have turned out better. I will say one thing… It tasted great and it was still nice and warm. All I would have liked would have been to have a glass of milk. It only took 5 minutes from start to finish.

There are a number of Stock Designs that you might consider. If you are looking for something that doesn’t require a microwave, you might use a cake with LED lights for candles. Or maybe even a stress reliever cake or one of our tasty towel cakes.

Regardless of what you give to that special person, be sure to consult with your Professional Gifting sales associate first.

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