Merchandise Programs

Merchandise programs are quickly replacing more and more travel programs, as the economy makes it more difficult for workers to take off of work and leave family members at home and with the cost of travel consistantly going higher, the exact same trip that you went on 5 years ago today costs 25% more. 

When using travel as an incentive, companies also pay for a second person to join the winner?  Go figure!!!   A typical 7 day trip averages $2500 per person or $5000 for one reward.  By switching to a merchandise program, you can change the overall award to a value between $3000 and $4000 and have immediate savings.

The secondary benefit of these programs are that everything is trackable online.  You can add points to certain people or groups as required, you can run surveys and questionaires related to any topic that helps grow your company as you see fit.

Another benefit is that the recipient has the choice of how their gift(s) is distributed.

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