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Food Gifts and Maple Ridge Farms


Each year our clients look for ways to give a nice gift to their clients, without leaving anyone out.  Bring in a gift for you top 5 contacts and the rest of the team ends up with Zippo.  While we also carry Zippo products, that was not what I meant.  Back to the point…

One of our core suppliers in the food gift category is Maple Ridge Farms.  Established in 1979, Maple Ridge has designed a tapestry of food gifts that fall within all price ranges.  What our customers like most is when the food is all gone, there is a logo’d gift that stays with the client.

A number of clients have said… “We will just go to one of the big box retailers to pick up our gifts”. That certainly is an option but let me ask you this…  If you started seeing these food gifts on the shelves in October, how long ago do you think they were packaged.  Many of these are pre-packaged during the slower summer months.  Maple Ridge has the highest freshness levels in the industry and we will prove it.

Have you ever considered using food gifts for your corporate giving?  Contact us at 800-350-1796 x101 for a free sampling.

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