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Logo Jump Drives and Flash Drive – Review

Lets take a short break from green and Eco friendly promotional ideas and look at one of the hottest items on the market.  Call them what you will.  Flash drive, Thumb drive, USB drives, USB sticks, Memory stick, Memory drive, Flash memory, Flex Drive, Jump drive… The list goes on and on.

Here is the big question… What is the best way for me to purchase my memory sticks and why should I consider using them?  Back in the olden days… 2005 and earlier, people would make presentations to their customers and employees and leave them with a disc that included the whole presentation.  As you know, no one ever looked at the disc again and life went on.  With a Jump drive, not only do you have a place to put your presentation, you offer extra data space for the end user to put their own data.

Here are a few benefits with our drives.  You can have your logo branding laser engraved into the unit on one side and either co-brand with a second logo or a personalization on the second side.  And how about these colors!!!  The brushed aluminum casing will hold your logo forever and also give you that high tech look.  Another outrageous benefit is that the minimum order for these is only 1 piece.  The price is also very competitive.  In fact, we will match or beat anyone’s price on this or similar products.

A number of our suppliers have also offered to up-load your data at no additional charge.  Again, taking away from the additional work your staff might need to do.  Now, lets talk about size… Because size does matter…  This style comes in 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB and 4GB.  At 100 pieces the price ranges from $12 to $38, including logo.  But what if thats not big enough?  Lets introduce the…

Rhino Hard Drive Color Series

While there is virtually no presentation that is this big, it is a great tool for a sales team that needs to back up data and store sensitive corporate files.  Sizes rang from 60GB, 80GB, 120GB, 160GB and 250GB.  And the price at 1 piece minimums range from $110 to $275 each.

Last but not least, you will notice that they do come in shades of green.  But did you know that they are also considered a green, earth friendly product?  The less paper that needs to be printed, the better.  If you need Flash drives, Memory sticks, USB drives or any sort of creative logo gear, contact  In many cases we can have product in your hands within 2-3 days.