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Lighted Coasters and Bottle Glorifiers

As our business continues to grow in the beverage markets, we continue to find unique new items through our overseas partners.  A few months ago we introduced the battery operated coasters.  These are a great items to use in portable displays when you are doing tastings.

At that time pricing fell in the $4-$5 range, when doing quantities of 2500 coasters.  With the sudden change in the economy, the price has fallen into the $2.50 to $3.50 range, depending on the quantity you order.  At this price level, these become perfect items to use to sell “on-premise”.  For establishments that have private areas where a full bottle purchase is required, this could be included. For some of the flavored Vodka’s, these can be an add on purchase for $5 with the purchase of your branded drink.  In a dark location, customers will be standing in line to be able to drink your brand.

One of the challenges with the battery operated coasters is if they are being used for full or part time display, the batteries run out.  Here enters the next generation of bottle lights.

While currently priced in the $15.00 range, with minimum orders of 250 units.  These are perfect for all scenarios.

The latest design we’ve found are these stone carved glorifiers. The interior area allows for each individual bottle opening to be custom cut for your specific bottle. Minimum order is 100 units and prices without the logo/lighting feature start in the $30 range.


Below are additional designs that continue to have a strong showing.

We carry hundreds, if not thousands of creative promotional ideas geared toward beverage markets. Most of the items we produce are printed in the USA and can ship in 5-10 working days, however, when looking for totally customized products, our overseas partners can better meet price targets.  While most of our off shore projects require 90-120 days until delivery, we have produced some projects in as few 35 days.

Creative ideas are what draw clients to you brand. Do you have a new product launch coming up?  Let us bring you ideas that will make your next launch rock.

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  1. Niki K

    I am looking for a bottle glorifier that has a plug for the US. Minimum quantity of 100.

    Please let me know if you have those available and what the price and lead time would be.

    Thank you.

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