Ken Reinstrom Receives Best Boss Award

PPB Announces The 2010 Best Bosses
By: Staff
Issue: 2010sep

PPB recently asked readers to let us know who they think are the best bosses in the promotional products industry. Considering the difficult economic year we’ve just been through and the stresses it placed on companies and relationships, staff wasn’t sure how many people would still be praising their bosses. So, the team was really surprised by the landslide of responses from readers who said their bosses made coming to work each day a true joy.

Many praised their bosses for creating an environment where people were trusted, encouraged, empowered and rewarded, not necessarily monetarily, but with things money can’t buy. The bosses who make the biggest impressions with subordinates are those who regularly demonstrate these practices according to PPB readers:

• Leads by example
• Creates an environment of collaboration through good listening
• Manages through empowerment; doesn’t micromanage, allows me to learn through my own mistakes
• Acts as a mentor; looks for the potential in all and encourages success
• Challenges me with new projects and opportunities
• Communicates good news and bad news effectively
• Celebrates successes
• Embraces education, new technologies and out-of-the-box thinking
• Promotes a work environment with balance between work and personal/family life
• Advocates social responsibility, volunteerism, community and/or industry commitment
• Is a creative problem-solver
• Coaches me without taking over
• Provides on-going performance coaching
• Doesn’t begrudge me my earnings, bonuses or raises

The following 63 individuals were nominated by their direct reports and selected by PPAI staff as the 2010 PPB Best Bosses. Watch for the full story coming in PPB’s October issue.

Brian Abrams, Corporate Imaging Concepts, Inc.
Raman Agarnal, Akran Marketing
Brad Akers, Tip-Top Branding, LLC
Adam Alfia, WOW! Branded Personal Assistance
Becky Beck, You Name It Specialties, Inc.
Gary Biron, MAS, Geiger
John Bottone, Knock-Out Specialties, Inc.
Chris Bradley, Fundcraft Publishing
Eric Beguelin, Regency Office Products
Peter Chin, Beyond Manufacturing International
Dan Collins, Addventure Products
Chris D’Agnese, Inkhead Promotions
Doug Dobbe, Strategies Ltd.
Allen Dohan, The Allen Company
Deborah Dunn-Chipouras, Martha Weems, Ltd.
Jody Ferrer, The Perfect Promotion
Jim Franklyn, Inkhead Promotions
Steve Gelernter, Polyconcept North America, Inc.
Barry Glucksmann, Amcraft
Allison Gower, The Platform Group Gallery
Catherine Graham, RIGHTSLEEVE Marketing, Inc.
Beth Greene, Capital Ideas, Inc.
Doug Greenhut, The Book Company
Peter Hirsch, CAS, Hirsch Gift, Inc.
Steve Josephson, Traffic Works, Inc.
Memo Kahan, PromoShop, Inc.
SteAve Keith, Global Product Sourcing, Inc.
Bob Kral, Bankers Advertising Company
Ken Kravitz, Commotion Promotions Ltd.
Walter Kurt, Three K Consultants, Inc.
Bill Lazarus, MAS, Promotional Breezes, Inc.
Greg Liebreich, ShedRain
Marsha Londe, Tango Partners
Mark Lynch, Sunrise Identity LLC
Jim Malkus, Indoff, Inc.
Michele Michelsen, Dard Products, Inc. (Tag-Master Line)
Teresa Moisant, MAS, Moisant Promotional Products
Pam Myers, formerly of Visstun/Digispec
Craig Nadel, CAS, Jack Nadel International
David Natinsky, SAGE
Tim O’Boyle, Timeplanner Calendars, Inc.
Karen Pelletier, CAS, SunGraphix
Kevin Peska, Newton Manufacturing Co.
Devin Piscitelli, Aakron Rule Corp.
Mike Pusateri, Pacesetter Awards Co.
Dave Regan, CAS, The Vernon Company
Ken Reinstrom, Professional Gifting
Billie Reise, Incentive Concepts
Dave Roberts, Power Sales and Advertising
Danielle Robillard, Aakron Rule Corp.
Ginny Semrow, American Ad Bag Co.
Timothy Sito, Graphicon
Fred Snyder, MAS, Geiger
Jim Southwick, Southwick Specialty Advertising, Inc.
Andrew Spellman, TRG Group
Alan Tabasky, Bel Promo
Patty Turney, MAS, Augusta Marketing Products, Inc.
Dan Tushar, SanMar
Kevin Ulbert, Great American Products, Inc.
Alan Vaught, Evans Manufacturing, Inc.
Dan Webb, Webb Collection
Kevin Wicks, Norwood Promotional Products
Dana Zezzo, CAS, Pro Towels, Inc.

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