New Ideas

Jelly Bellies – Wooden Barrel – Private Label

Private label has come out with a number of new packages that carry the Jelly Belly Line.  Item # PL-820 is a great package for long meetings. 


You can fill this barrel with 1 of 5 different fillings… Cinnimon Imperils, Chocolate Mint Lentils, Raspberry and Black Berry candies, Boston Baked Beens, assorted Jordan Almonds or Jelly Bellies.  Minimum order is 50 of the 8 ounce barrels and starting price is $12.75 per barrel.  Add $55 setup charge.


The glass apothecary jar is another new item.  Part number is PLJ-812.  The overall size is 3.25 x 3.25 x 2.35.  Minimum order is 50 pieces and the price is $8.75 each.

One additional item that I’ve had a number of clients requesting but have been unable to find are the birch tube wine holders with the leather strap tie.


These start at $10 each with a minimum order of 50 pieces.  While great for certain bottles of wine, they can also be used to hold a nice polo or tee shirts.  There is a mtching piece thats big enough to hold 3 golf balls that starts at $6.


For a limited time, we are offering a free setup charge on all three of these items.  Contact us at