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How to I get Vector Art?

Vector art is the process required to convert your drawing into a design that can be professionally printed, embossed, embroidered, pad printed, etc.  While your drawing may look great, it will not meet your standards unless a professional converts your artwork into Vector art.  Below you will find examples of before and after artwork.


It is still dificult to tell the difference when viewing this at a low resolution on your computer screen.


To answer the big question, unless you are well versed in using Adobe Illustrator or some of the Apple art programs, your best bet is to hire the project done.  Most art projects that we manage for minor detail work costs between $25 and $50.  There are other services that ship the work off shore for as little as $10, but hey… lets keep the work in the USA.  If you ask us to fix your artwork, we will provide a free printed product to you upon completion.

For more information on the best way to design amd manage your logo, speak one of our sales associates.

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