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High End Desk Ideas – Cube Contest

Last year I came across a new supplier to the industry that really takes post it notes and desk cubes to a new level.  While most people look at corporate gifts as trinkets and trash, these treasures are a keeper.


This form of design is ideal for anyone with an artistic flair.  The tall multi color cubes start in the $16 range while it’s smaller companion shown below is a little closer to $7.  This piece comes with approximately 1000 sheets and if you do as few as 250 pieces, we can use your corporate colors.  Our design team can also help in designing your new creation.


This particular cube manufacturer is having a design contest that will end on January 10th.  Contest winner will receive $500.  Any winning designs will become the property of the factory.  OK… enough with cubes.  They also offer a number of unique desk ideas as well.  All wood designs are totally unique.  They must have a metal base that is wrapped with a wood venier, as they come with small magnetic tacks that hold small pieces of paper.


The average price for most of the desk designs fall in the $100 range.  The loop de Loop is closer to $65 each  as it does not use as much paper.  All can be ordered separately blank, or with your logo with a 24 piece minimum.1schleeh.gif

The samples that I received were wrapped in tissue paper then placed in a very nice box.


Another nice feature with many of the styles is that you can first write your note, then dictate the size that you want to cut it.


While some of the styles are a tad flamboyant, the piece above is pretty straight forward.  Price is still around $100.