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Hercules Pen Review – PN0081, 55077, QLP05050

The hercules pen is one of the more popular styles out there right now.  What makes it so unique is it’s size.  It is clearly one of the larger pens you will see out there.  They actually make great weakly or monthly sales awards for whoever “writes” enough business!!!  

The biggest challenges facing the Hercules pen right now is that the factory that prints them has had much of their stock destroyed during the summer floods in the midwest.  Full production is not expected to be back online for 2-3 months.

Regardless of what company you are working with, this specific product is printed and produced by Norwood.  Standard pricing can be found here.  At Professional Gifting, we will match any competitors price and send you a free sample kit, which includes a garment in your size for testing.

If you need an oversize pen in less than 2-3 months, drop us an email at and we will forward additional ideas.

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