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Hello Swiss Tech Tool – Goodbye Swiss Army Knife

Remember when you used to have a small Swiss Army Knife on your key chain?  It was there for everything.  You could open boxes or cut paper with the scissors.  Depending on what model you owned, you could do just about anything.  So what happened to the Swiss Army Knife?  AIRPORT SECURITY!!!  Someone along the way deemed it best that they be confiscated as they pose a serious risk to airline travelers and national security.

While those restrictions still apply, there is a new kid on the block in the multi tool arena.  Swiss+Tech.

The Swiss Tech design is truly unique.  Their website offers a number of videos that show the full use of each product.  I have heard accounts of the key style piece going straight through airport inspection.  Please understand that we are not promoting that you attempt top bring these on the plane with you, but it has been done.  Regarding the price, the low end model starts at under $10 with a 50 piece minimum.

Here is a company that has created a new line of tools that revoloutionize the pocket knife industry.  Who does this product fit best with?  Anyone that has a safety program or drivers on the road.  The Body Guard tool offers a devise designed to break through auto glass and includes a seat belt cutter.

If you have further interest in this product, forward your artwork to us and we will make a virtual sample for you or contact us to see a sample.

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