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GREENBRELLA – The Eco-Friendly Umbrella

One of the new products that AAA Umbrella has introduced recently is the Greenbrella. This unique umbrella appears to be your everyday raingear item, however, it has a secret. This item is actually made out of recycled PET soda bottles. Surprisingly, the material is extremely similar to that of your every day umbrella, but the company has chosen to utilize natural resources to provide an end product for the recycling loop.

Another great thing about this product is you can print your logo on both white panels for the price of one. It also is available in a variety of colors and styles, including a European inspired piece, a golf umbrella, one that folds for your car, and another which is extremely portable. Colors include white with black, navy, red, royal blue, or hunter green.

Items: GR1 (Green Mini), GR2 (Green Auto), GR3 (Green Fashion), GR4 (Green Golf)

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