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Green Promotional Ideas – FSC Certified

There are many sources such as Bic and 3M that promote their Eco Friendly Notepads.  Most of their product is made up of 30% post consumer materials.  Professional Gifting has just launched a new line that is FSC Approved.  Which means it is made from 100% post consumer products.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC is deemed to be one of the most respected forest management certification bodies on the planet.  In order to manufacture products that carry its label, companies are audited annuallyby  an independant third party verifier, demonstrating the highest levels of ccountibility that their wood products are sourced from ecologically sound forest management.

By choosing promotional notepads made with FSC-Certified paper, you will be making customers and prospects aware of your company’s commitment to the health of our planet.

Another reason to use us is the unique shapes that we offer.  Stock shapes include triangular and octagonal designs. 

While companies like BIC and 3M offer digital 4 color process printing, we still use off set printing.  Yes, you are required to do higher minimums, but the quality is noticeable.  Here is the web page for BIC’s sustainability product line.  In most cases we will offer even better pricing than what is shown.

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