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Fast Indianapolis Tee Shirts

A new client came to us needing  tee shirts in-hands within 4 days and they wanted to use a rock and roll theme. They told us that they wanted to do something similar to the drawing below… except they wanted it to look better.


We shared this drawing with our artist on Monday morning.  Within 3 hours we had created and approved the art below.



These will be printed on a Beefy Tee tee shirt using “DISCHARGE INK”. Discharge ink actually takes the dye out of the existing garment and gives it a grayish, vintage look.  The biggest advantage to discharge ink is that it does not use ink at all. It is a chemical that removes the dye from the shirt leaving a soft feeling or soft hand where the ink would have been. If we would have printed in light gray or white, we would have first had to put down a base coat, flash the item and then print over it again. This leaves a thick, rubber like feeling on the shirt. If it is a large design and uses a whole lot of ink, you can end up with a problem called Armour Plating. This is when you start getting warm and it feels like there is an armour plate on your chest.

By using an upgraded shirt, this garment was done for under $20 each, including all artwork and setup charges in 4 working days.  We could have done a cheap shirt with poor artwork for $11 each and it would most likely never been worn again.


Much of our business is done in Carmel, Noblesville, Zionsville, Greenwood and all other Indiana cities.  We have also designed apparel for Anthem, Roche, Coke and the Hoosier Lottery to name a few.

When you need quality work done in a short amount of time, be sure to call any one of our associates.

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