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EnerGel by Pentel – Review

I’ve recently been introduced to a new line of pens made by Pentel known as EnerGel. Usually I’m not a big fan of gel pens since they have proven to smear in the past. However, the EnerGel pens have extraordinary features which have completely changed my mind.

In my opinion, a good pen should be smudge free, write clearly, and have a steady ink flow. Not only does the EnerGel Deluxe include these features, but it features a rubber comfort grip, a sturdy metal clip, and a stainless steel tip for the ultimate writing experience.  It has a fairly large imprint area compared to others of its size, and it’s available in blue, black, or red ink. 

My favorite characteristic is the ink flow is perfect almost every time you use it, and it dries almost instantly on most types of paper. The acid-free ink formula provides for a vivid, quick-drying ink which is great for everyday use, scrapbooking, and it’s even safe for vital documents. Using the clear gel inside the chamber, the ink is force fed to the tip allowing the user to write on a flat or sloped surface, even upside down.

The price is extremely noteworthy considering the quality of the product, and some are even refillable.  We are offering these customized with your logo for $2.25 each until July 31 2008.  Price also includes a 2 color logo.  Contact us at